The Creation of Boom Lava
Boom Lava was born from the hottest explosive molten roots from within the earth.  As the sound surfaced, it hit a funky cool jazz breeze and chilled on a tropical reggae vibe.  The explosive boom of the lava hitting the ocean created a positive spectacle of music beyond compare.  The sharp hard nature of the new land gave the music an extra edge to remind everyone of forces stronger than ourselves.

Nils Crusberg
Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals
Nils Crusberg was born and raised in the delinquent neighborhoods of Worcester, MA.  His attendance at Doherty High School didn't provide him with an education as advertised.  Instead, he learned about life through illicit recreations.  At the age of 15, he began receiving instruction in the smoke filled rooms of the Clement Music Studio from the locally renowned jazz guitar legend Joe D'Angelo.  This set him on the track for a career in music.  As a teenager he fronted the controversial and confrontational group, Pudding in a Cloud, a band that took on issues of sex, drug use, vandalism, larceny, and racial diversity as inferred by its name.  Nils lived in Boulder, CO for ten years where he attended the University of Colorado while studying the world and music.  His travels during this time led him to the corners of the world.  He experienced the affluence of Europe and California, and the destitution of the Mexican slums.  His trip to Negril, Jamaica held the strongest influence on his musical future.  The people of Jamaica seemed to overcome their poverty with a combination of music and spirituality.  Nils adopted this point of view. The antics of Puerto Rico and the power and beauty of Hawaii and Peru have also influenced his understanding of the world and music.  For over ten years, Nils incessantly practiced guitar and alto saxophone while living on Cape Cod in MA - Santa Cruz, CA - Boulder, CO - and the Seacoast of NH - respectively.  He has recorded and produced three LP’s, which display his exceptional talents.  An unadulterated biography can be found at this link:
Nils Crusberg Biography

Jon Cross
Bass and Vocals
Jon Cross is from Worcester, Massachusetts. He grew riding a skateboard, and therefore listened, predictably, to british Oi! punk, classic skater thrash, and victory-records hardcore. His interests in music have since exploded, thanks in large part to the Disco Biscuits. He has a deep-rooted love for music and its diversity. Jon is a fan of acid jazz, dub reggae, downtempo, underground hip hop, classic jazz, afro-beat, and most things in between. And while he loves to listen to Victor Wooten or Les Claypool, he thinks a big part of playing the bass is the simplicity and the control of that low end. He feels that there is much to be appreciated about almost all music, but playing the bass is all about dropping those funk bombs and making booties shake....
Check out personalized audio tracks at this link:
Jon Cross Audio Links

Sean Cashman
Drum Kit
Sean Cashman was born in Salem MA, quickly he moved to NH but he spent most is formidable years in  Haverhill MA, sneaking into bars, shows, anywhere with stage and sitting behind the kit before he was old enough to sit at the bar. Growing up obsessed with his dad’s record collection, he was raised on everything from The Beatles, Rush, Led Zeppelin and Bob Marley. A 90s kid, he’s also a big fan of Sublime, Tool, Alice in Chains, Rage Against the Machine, Pantera, and Dr. Dre. He has been in bands playing the local scene with MSB, Even the Ground, Weaponeyes, True Dilemma and now Boom Lava.

Craig Whitney
Guitar, DJ, Keyboard, Horn(s), Backup Vocals, Etc.
Craig is born and raised on the streets of the 603. One of the original members of the jam crashers "TeamBamm" and long time He blends his beats with his hands giving the music a new depth. Brought up on Dixie Chicken, Stoned Bugs and a Private Dancer. He is a product of his eclectic music background. From Jerry to John (Dead or not), from Cliff to Cleff. From Wu to Bigg, from the King to the Princes. Curtis and the god father. He is always down for the funky reggae skank jams.....or anything else for him to sit in. No really, he's a jam slut... use him. he likes it!

Don’t scare the natives!
.....we are currently looking for more musicians to fill in the empty spaces of our music with soul and sound.

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